H9RBS.js (v0.0001) is a flexible, dependency-free, lightweight, device-agnostic, modular, baked-in, component framework MVC library shoelacestrap to help you kickstart your responsive CSS-based app architecture backbone kitchensink tweetybirds.

Frequently Axed Questions

1. Why did you create H9RBS.js?

H9RBS.js isn't your grandma's framework.
I think that just about sums it up. Also, it's cross-universe compatible.

2. How do I install this?

Um... are you stupid or something? Just attackclone the grit repo pushmerge, then rubygem the lymphnode js shawarma module—and presto!

3. Does this work in IE6 Mobile Blackberry Wi-Fi Commodore64 KitchenAid Caveman extended fingernails toejam 2.0?


4. Can I install it as a nodegem?

It works in RubeGoldberg 2.2 but will not autocompile freeway buttmonkey merge svn commitshare javahunk.

5. Can it app appify my app-friendly iPad appification?

Don't worry, be appy.

6. Is it compatible with GridSASS 3.8?

Does a bear have regular bowel movements in the cool breeze of a grassy woodland area?

7. This isn't funny.

That's not a question. And yes, it is funny.