H9RBS.js (v0.0001) is a flexible, dependency-free, lightweight, device-agnostic, modular, baked-in, component framework MVC library shoelacestrap to help you kickstart your responsive CSS-based app architecture backbone kitchensink tweetybirds.

Frequently Axed Questions

1. Why did you create H9RBS.js?

H9RBS.js isn't your grandma's framework.
I think that just about sums it up. Also, it's cross-universe compatible.

2. How do I install this?

Um... are you stupid or something? Just attackclone the grit repo pushmerge, then rubygem the lymphnode js shawarma module – and presto!

3. Does this work in IE6 Mobile Blackberry Wi-Fi Commodore64 KitchenAid Caveman extended fingernails toejam 2.0?


4. Can I install it as a nodegem?

It works in RubeGoldberg 2.2 but will not autocompile freeway buttmonkey merge svn commitshare javahunk.

5. Can it app appify my app-friendly iPad appification?

Don't worry, be appy.

6. Is it compatible with GridSASS 3.8?

Does a bear have regular bowel movements in the cool breeze of a grassy woodland area?

7. This isn't funny.

That's not a question. And yes, it is funny.